Cannon Valley Mills Art Gallery

This collection of artwork are some of the illustrations that will appear in Historic Mills of the Cannon Valley. Prints are available for purchase. All the drawings and paintings shown here of Minnesota’s Cannon Valley Mills are by Jeff Jarvis.


  1. Ryan noble says

    Hi, i am very intrigued with history of my neighborhood, and am trying to find a copy of a painting from walcott mills just before it burned, there is also a photo from before the many improvements, i cant seem to find them. Is it possible you could send them to me? My intrest came when i installed a hydrant right next to Benjamin Sheffield s house in faribault. It was the brick one. I have spent alot of time reading history on faribault. Also last year we dug through two fumes or water tunnels made from slbs of limestone, on goes right through a rental house porch! If you are interested in more on that i will share the photos if i can find them. This was on third street and ravine in faribault thank you, hope to hear from you

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